Medals Schedule

The 2018 medals schedule will be available in spring 2018.


Participating medals will be offered to all participants!

Overall medals will be given to the following categories: Olympic & Sprint, Grand Prix Series Junior and U23, Regional Finals U15 and U13, also to the Olympic and Sprint Duathlons categories. The medals schedule is available on the following page.

Age Group (5 years) medals will be available for the Olympic and Sprint Triathlon.  They will be available 1 hour following the arrival of the last participant in the category.  



Grand Prix Triathlon  
U15 (14-15) Triathlon   
U15 (14-15) Triathlon Regional Final  
Olympique Triathlon and CNFAC (militaire)  
Olympic Duathlon   
Men - Sprint Triathlon, CNFC (military)  
Sprint Duathlon  
Woman - Triathlon Sprint, CNFC (military)  
Teacher's Cup Relay (Sprint Triathlon)  
Fun Team Relay (Sprint Triathlon)  
Corporate Challenge