Directions and Parking


Friday July 3rd

The parking lot at 100 Atawe St, is always accessible free of charge and a 5 minutes walk from the site.

On Friday July 3th only, it will also be possible to access the triathlon site by the Leamy Lac Parkway (la Promenade du Lac-Leamy). In this case you will have to pay for parking on site.

Saturday July 4th

On the day of the Gatineau Triathlon you will have access to three free parking lots :

  - Leamy Lake North parking (100 Atawe St)

  - Réno-Dépôt                                                

  - Leamy Lake Casino


Please note that a 5-10 minutes walk will be necessary to access the event site. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

The Leamy Lake Parkway (la Promenade du Lac-Leamy) will be closed to car traffic on race day.

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To get to the event, please, use the following directions

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  • Highway 417 (Queensway), take exit 118.
  • Follow Mann Avenue toward Gatineau; keep right and continue on King Edward Avenue.
  • Go north toward the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge.
  • Crossing the bridge, follow directions for Highway 5 and take exit 3.
  • Turn right on Du Casino Boulevard.
  • Turn left on De la Carrière Boulevard.
  • Turn right on Atawe Road.
  • Parking is either down near the lake, on the left at Réno Dépôt or on the right at the Casino parking.
    ***** FOLLOW THE SIGNS. *****




If you would like to carpool, we suggest to visit Triathlon Quebec's Facebook group 'Carpooling'.