Honorary Athlete 2019 : Bruce Ploughman

It is with great pleasure that we announce the nomination of Mr. Bruce Ploughman as our honorary athlete for the 28th edition of the Gatineau Triathlon.  Brigadier-General (Retired) Bruce Ploughman joined the Canadian Forces as a Direct Entry Officer in December 1988. Upon completion of pilot training, he was posted to 12 Wing Shearwater, where he was employed as a line pilot, a standards pilot and an instructor, all on the venerable Sea King.

Brigadier-General (Retired) Ploughman has had the privilege to command at the detachment, flight, squadron, wing level, and at the division level as Commander 2 Canadian Air Division. Staff appointments have included 12 Wing Commander's executive assistant, Aerospace Requirements Officer, 12 Wing Operations Officer, Maritime Helicopter deputy project manager, Combined Aerospace Operations Centre Director, Canadian Expeditionary Force Command Chief of Staff, 1 Canadian Air Division Deputy Commander Force Generation, Chief of Staff Readiness at Canadian Joint Operations Command and Assistant Chief of Staff Plans at NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.

Mr. Ploughman is now the Senior Vice President of the Personnel Support Program (PSP) of the Canadian Armed Forces. The PSP is responsible for the National and International Sports Programs, fitness, health promotion and research and development in human performance. Canadian Armed Forces / Les Forces armées canadiennes: PSP

A very active athlete himself, he has had a long career as an athlete, having participated in many sporting events including several half-marathons and 5 km runs, the 51 km of Gatineau Loppet freestyle and classic skiing and the Gatineau Triathlon, where he competed in the Canadian Armed Forces National Triathlon Championship.

The Gatineau Triathlon, host of the 2019 Canadian Forces National Triathlon Championship, is therefore honored of his presence for the 28th edition on July 6, where Mr. Ploughman will race in the Sprint Triathlon. Canadian Armed Forces Sports / Sports des Forces armées canadiennes.