Sanitary Measures COVID

COVID Sanitary Measures


Please read this page before registering    ⇒PROCEED TO REGISTRATION SITE⇐


The Athlete Handbook will be available on the website at least two weeks prior to the Triathlon and will be emailed to you the week before the event.  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ IT.  It will contain all the information that is important to the safe running of your Gatineau Triathlon experience.


Holding an event during a pandemic requires many changes and adaptations. Here are the important details to know before you register.

  1. Limited spots.  The number of spots for each race is limited due to the need for social distancing between participants during the events and in the transition zone.

  2. Time limit to complete Olympic and Sprint distances.  The Triathlon schedule is built on 3 distinct blocks and all participants from one block must have left the main site before those in the next block can enter.  Hence, a time limit to complete will be in effect for the Olympic Triathlon (3h30) and the Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon (2h05)

  3. Limited access to main site.  The main site (check in, start, transition, finish) (see image below) will be fenced off and only athletes and authorized coaches will be allowed to enter the main site.

  4. Mandatory wearing of face mask.  Traffic lanes will be one-way on the site, hand washing will be required at various points and face masks will be mandatory for all on site (participants will be allowed to remove their face masks at the start line for the physical portion of the race and will be given a new one to wear immediately after the finish line).

  5. No contact event, no social activities.  As a no-contact event, there will be no exhibitors, no sales and no on-site registration. To limit contact, there will be no social activities surrounding the triathlon. In addition, the traditional post-race snack will be limited to milk chocolate and an energy bar, to bring along, which will be picked up by participants after the finish line. Participation medals will be available for all participants at the finish line.

  6. Arrive no more than 90 min before race/leave promptly after race.  Participants are asked to arrive on site no more than 90 minutes before their race start time.  Race bibs and numbers will be distributed at the registration point.  Once entering the main site, participants will be required to remain within the controlled area until the end of their event and will be required to leave promptly when their race is over.  

  7. No bike/items drop off.  COVID safety protocol prohibits having a bike or personal belonging drop off.  Participants must bring all their belongings into transition and leave them in their personal 2m sanitary area.  

  8. Time trial formats.  Starts will be in a time trial format with 4 people per 15 seconds (fastest to slowest) to limit overtaking during the event (except the Grand Prix race). We are pleased to announce that we will have 7 timing mats to capture the start and individual times of both transitions as well as the bike and run laps.

  9. Limit spectator quantity/not a spectator friendly site. In order to reduce the risk of transmission, spectators will not have the usual access to the site near the transition, the finish line or the run portion. We ask that you do not invite spectators this year. If you must be accompanied, please have only one person accompany you and advise them that due to the multiple health measures the site will not be spectator friendly this year.

                                                                                                                           Main Site - Controlled Area